Choosing a new dentist can be an overwhelming process. Decades ago, it may have only been a matter of thumbing through the phone book or asking a neighbour for a recommendation, but these days, you can spend hours online looking at dentist’s websites, reading customer reviews, and scrolling through social media accounts. It’s important to know what to look for to make the process easier, which is why we’ve written this guide on choosing the right dentist for you.

Look for the Services You Need

First and foremost, you will need to make sure any dentist you’re considering offers the services you need. A general dentist may only offer preventive and restorative care, or they may provide a full range of dental services so you can get all the care you need under one roof. 

At Caring 4 Smiles, we offer our patients comprehensive services, including:

Rather than needing to find a number of different dentists for various needs, you’ll get complete dental care at Caring 4 Smiles.

Make Sure They Have the Latest Technology

Using state-of-the-art dental technology isn’t just about bragging rights—advanced technologies and techniques make dental treatments more effective, comfortable, and predictable. They can reduce risks and complications, shorten procedure times, and make recovery easier. Dentists are better able to diagnose dental issues and plan their treatments when they make use of high-tech equipment and software. 

Caring 4 Smiles combines a welcoming, warm environment with all the modern technology you’d expect from one of the area’s top dentists.

View Case Studies

A qualified dentist is proud to share case studies and photos of their work. At Caring 4 Smiles, we have detailed case studies on our website so you can read about the work we’ve performed and how our patients’ lives have been improved. Be wary of any dentist who isn’t willing to show you completed cases.

Choose a Dentist With Hours That Fit Your Schedule

Choosing the right dentist means eliminating any dental practice with hours that will always make it an obstacle to make appointments. If you have to rearrange your schedule to see your dentist, it can be easy to fall behind on your appointments, which can lead to serious oral health issues. 

Because we understand that our patients might not always have flexible schedules, we offer Wednesday & Thursdays as late-nights and Saturday appointment times for your convenience. 

Look at Education, Accreditation, and Training

The best dentists view their education as an ongoing process, not something they completed in the past. We take continuing education and training seriously at Caring 4 Smiles. We stay up-to-date on current best practices so we can always deliver our patients the highest quality care. Dr. Correa is a member of the Auckland Dental Association, is an ex-executive committee member of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and mentors the next generation of dentists.

Make an Appointment at Caring 4 Smiles

Are you looking for a new dentist in Auckland? We think after reading over this article you’ll agree that our team meets all the criteria of an excellent dental care provider. Contact us today at 09 631 5416 to schedule an appointment at Caring 4 Smiles.