Dr Kelvin Tay

Kelvin grew up in Wellington and graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Otago in 2007. Since graduation he has practiced as a General Dentist in the Manawatu and Wellington. Kelvin has recently moved to Auckland and joined our team at Caring 4 Smiles, his Preventive Care philosophy is closely aligned with our practice.

Kelvin places a strong emphasis on providing the highest standard of patient care. He a very caring and thoughtful dentist who enjoys all aspects of dentistry and is particularly interested in General dentistry, Preventive and Minimal Intervention Dentistry and Endodontics (Root canal treatment).

He volunteered his services in Cambodia at the Ratanakiri provincial jail and Guest lectured at the International University in Phnom Penh. When not at work, Kelvin enjoys exploring the countryside with his partner Mayuko, and practices calisthenics and yoga.

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Kelvin非常重视为患者的牙齿护理提供最高标准的服务。他是一位非常关心患者并为患者考虑的牙医。Kelvin很喜欢牙科医生的工作,并在微创牙科,美容牙科和智齿拔除方面拥有广泛的经验。 他个人的宗旨就是要给所有的患者,提供最优秀的牙科保健及最全面的一系列治疗服务。客户们对Kelvin医生的五星级評語及推荐就是最佳的見証。