Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Auckland

Laser Dentistry allows us to offer treatment that is completed more efficiently and with added comfort.

Laser Dentistry

The dental industry is forever advancing; many treatment materials continue to get better and most importantly the technologies that allow us to provide your treatment keep on improving. With Laser Dentistry we can provide highly effective and comfortable treatment easily and efficiently. Laser Dentistry is part of our Cosmetic Dentistry services and a pain-free dental option without the need for sedation dentistry.

Diagnodent Laser for Detection of Decay

Our Diagnodent Laser is a scientific instrument that plays an important part in our preventive care program. This is 98% accurate, fast and painless. As a non-invasive tool that helps us to accurately identify weakened or decaying tooth structure and treat problems early (at a far lower cost). Early diagnosis enables us to prevent the further spread of decay and for minimally invasive dental treatment methods to be used. Laser diagnosis is the mainstay of our comprehensive diagnosis and is the gold standard of Oral Care.

Ozone treatment for “No Drilling” fillings

Ozone can be used as a non-invasive treatment to fight tooth decay. It kills the acid-producing bacteria that cause decay, without the need to numb a tooth or drill the tooth. This state-of-the-art procedure is a virtually painless method of treating tooth decay or dental caries.

At Caring 4 Smiles, we continually invest in the latest technologies to ensure we meet our philosophy of providing world-class family dental care. We have arguably the biggest range of dental equipment available anywhere in New Zealand to ensure we are using the most advanced tools to treat your dental concerns. Our team are overseen by NZACD Member Dr Loy Correa. Your safety and results are our primary concern.

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