practice managers Maurine and Thelma

Practice Managers

Our reception is styled around being your family living room and you are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea if you can spare the time with us, either before or after your dental appointment. We are never rushed nor hurried and we hope you do enjoy the reception area. Maureen & Thelma enjoy building strong relationships as this is a Family Dental Practice for patients of all ages – kids to senior adults.

“There is always laughter and fun happening in reception and through our glass doors, we see Maureen & Thelma chatting with our patients and accompanying family.”

Maureen and Thelma will be your first point of contact with our Practice. They drive the TLC from the first ‘Welcome’ with their charm and deep interest in your welfare, so no request is too big an ask.

“We have all the time to discuss your treatment options, plans and will clarify any query you have, from scheduling to understanding our technology and our fee schedule”.

We would love to hear from you. Welcome to our practice. Please feel at home.  Contact us now.