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Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Like your family home, the biggest risk to having teeth for life is the risk to its foundations. The damage can start slow, and it is hard to detect by an untrained eye.

Gum care and treatment must start before bacteria gain an entry at the gum line. Every patient is assessed for ‘risk factors’ and we remain constantly vigilant. Our Hygiene Team works with all ages of patients to establish sound oral care protocols. Like heart disease and diabetes, gum disease creeps upon you like a ‘thief in the night’.

A quick risk assessment involves the following questions:

  • Have you been checked by a dentist every 6 months? Caring 4 Smiles will be your Cheer leader in Oral Care.
  • Do you brush & floss every day?
  • Do you get food stuck between your teeth?
  • How old are you? Start regular care young.
  • Are you male or female? Hormones and diet swing and cause oral problems.
  • Do you consume fizzy / energy drinks? Caution !!
  • Have you ever seen ‘red spots’ in your toothpaste? If yes, your gums may be already inflamed. View our case study.
  • Do you smoke or chew tobacco?
  • Do you clench or grind your teeth? Look for loss of enamel at the edges and tops of your teeth. View our case study.
  • Have you had teeth extracted or orthodontic treatment to move teeth?
  • Do you have any of the following health conditions? Asthma, epilepsy, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, stress and anxiety, rheumatic heart disease, arthritis, cancer?
  • Have you been told you have or have you noticed you have bad breath, loose teeth?
  • Have any member of your family had gum disease?

Recent research in the United States has evidenced the connection between gum inflammation and heart health, diabetes and blood sugar levels, infertility and a wide number of other general health problems. All this information is readily available on the Internet.

If the above questions have raised your concerns, we would love to help you manage your care.