sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Auckland

Dentistry while you sleep

Often we have adult or child patients who have a fear of dental procedures or are unable to handle injections and associated treatment. At Caring 4 Smiles we offer Sedation Dentistry with the assistance of visiting Specialist Anaesthetist Dr Rebecca de Souza MBChB (Otago), FANZCA of Auckland Mobile Sedation.

If you gag when instruments are placed in your mouth, become fearful of dental procedures, hate the sound of the drill or are just in need of a restful few hours while all the dentistry is done, then ………. Sedation dentistry is for you.

Dr de Souza administers a small amount of sedative intravenously and closely monitors you throughout the session while the dentist carries out the various procedures. The entire process is painless and relaxed. When you wake, you won’t remember a thing.

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