Extraction of wisdom teeth is a routine dental surgery commonly conducted by dental & oral surgeons. When performed by a skilled and experienced dental surgeon, the procedure often happens under sedation. Patients may be pleasantly surprised to wake up and find that all four wisdom teeth have already been extracted. Alternatively, a dentist may opt to numb the gums with local anaesthetic for the extractions.

Typically lasting between 40 to 90 minutes, most wisdom tooth removal surgeries are completed within an hour. However, the surgery may take longer if the wisdom teeth are in challenging positions or unexpected complications arise. Regardless of the chosen extraction method, it’s important to note that immediate departure from the surgeon’s office is not to be expected after the surgery. Following the procedure’s completion, the dental team will gradually bring the patient out of anesthesia or, if local anesthesia was leveraged, effectively control the bleeding. Responses to anesthesia and clotting vary among individuals, so the readiness to leave may differ from one person to another.

Recovery Time

Though necessary, the recovery process following wisdom tooth removal often raises questions. Let’s dissect it into two crucial phases. Comprehending these phases and giving proper attention to care allows you to navigate the recovery from wisdom tooth removal smoothly and return to your routine feeling rejuvenated and free from pain.

Phase 1: The Initial 24 Hours Post-Surgery

Picture waking up from a restful sleep, a bit groggy from anesthesia, which encapsulates the first 24 hours after wisdom tooth removal. During this period, your body emphasizes rest and healing while your oral surgeon provides tools for effective pain management to ensure a comfortable recovery.

Phase 2: Gradual Return to Normal Activities (3-5 Days)

As your alertness increases, resuming your daily routine may seem somewhat distant. It’s essential to heed your body’s signals and prioritize wound care according to your oral surgeon’s instructions. Preventing infection and ensuring complete cessation of bleeding are pivotal aspects during this phase.

Keep in mind that the healing process varies from person to person. While some individuals bounce back within a few days, others may take longer. If you have any questions about resuming your regular activities, don’t hesitate to consult your surgical team. They will provide personalised guidance based on your unique healing progress.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Auckland

Are you experiencing discomfort due to your Wisdom Teeth? At Caring 4 Smiles, we specialize in Wisdom Tooth removal and serve as Auckland’s dedicated dental practice for addressing this issue. Don’t endure pain any longer; our compassionate dentist is here to assist you. Wisdom teeth typically begin to emerge from the gums and shift around by the age of 18. Surgical removal may be necessary if they impact other teeth, commonly known as “impacted wisdom teeth.” This failure to properly erupt can occur due to insufficient space in the jaw or an abnormal tooth position. Many oral health professionals recommend early extraction of wisdom teeth as it helps prevent various problems from arising. Please book an appointment with us to learn more about how removing your wisdom teeth provides relief today!