It is very common to have a patient in the dental chair ask us What is Root Canal Treatment. As dentists, we are delighted to educate our patients about so many types of dental treatment so patients fully understand them and the associated costs thereof. Essentially, root canal treatment is an advanced treatment attempt to save the tooth from dental extraction.  It eliminates the dental infection inside it and looks to maintain it as a functioning member in your mouth.

All teeth are hollow  and the central part is a nerve chamber, connected to the tip of the root by nerves and blood capillaries. Dental decay creates a cavity which allows bacteria to enter the sterile nerve chamber and create a dental abscess. A dentist with special training in Root canal treatment, opens up the nerve chamber and using specialized instruments, flushes and cleans out the infection, places a calcium dressing and then fills the void inside the tooth permanently. This process can take between 1 to 3 visits, based on the extent of the original infection.  When done with enhanced vision, root canal treatment is highly successful. Unfortunately, when this advanced treatment is attempted by less qualified professionals, failures result.

As dental decay has greatly weakened the tooth, back teeth should be crowned and protected from heavy biting forces to prevent ‘tooth fracture’. Root canal treated teeth last decades and more. However,  the skills and expertise of the dentist is key to a successful long-term outcome.

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Root canal treatment must always be done under enhanced vision ( microscope or loupes ) for greater success. This is the basis of good dental care. At Caring 4 Smiles, we have well trained dentists to perform root canal treatment but sometimes, we must refer the patient to a specialist for advanced root canal treatment.

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