In the past era of Dentistry, every general dentist was able to perform Root Canal treatment. This is very much like Rugby at the school level. All was fair in the rough and tumble of the school playground. The standard was low enough for all to play.

In the last decade or so, Root Canal treatment has moved into the big league and the training and equipment required has become very demanding if the outcome is to be predictable and of predictable value for the money spent. We often hear of patients having Root Canal treatment, only to have it fail due to a missed canal or crack within the tooth that was not seen earlier.

“What a dentist doesn’t see …. doesn’t get treated”

microscope enhanced vision


It is for this reason that at Caring 4 Smiles, we established a specialized treatment room & staff for Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment). Today, Root Canal treatment must only be performed under high magnification. Standard loupes and naked eye work is an unacceptable standard of care in Endodontics.

Dr Venkat Canakapalli and his dental assistants work exclusively under very high magnification (microscope) to perform this advanced work. This gives patients the highest success rate.