Can Home Teeth Whitening Kits Damage Your Teeth?

A dazzling white smile can make anyone look instantly younger and more attractive, creating an improved self-image and ensuring a better mood. With a brighter smile, you can make a good impression and studies even show that smiles are contagious, encouraging other...

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What is a Cracked Tooth?

Ever so often, a patient has a 'sensitive tooth', that seems perfectly normal, but may have a small existing amalgam filling within it. When a high definition photo of the tooth is shown, they usually point to an adjacent tooth that 'looks worse'. When the...

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The TRUE cost of Dental Tourism

So often I come across patients who have traveled to Thailand, India, China and other countries to have their dental work done. They have a 5-star holiday thrown in.  I feel very sorry for them because most of the work fails within 5 years, and they need to re-do all...

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A Cracked tooth – what’s that ?

It is always the last straw that ‘breaks the camel’s back’, and with teeth, it is usually a piece of soft bread, a biscuit or a steak. Teeth have a natural groove pattern, but some are much deeper and sinister. Suddenly there is a ‘loud crack’ followed by...

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Can the 2017 NZ Election Affect Dental Costs?

Sigh! the 2017 elections are over, and Winston has finally selected his bride, so can we move on please. There is nothing more energizing when we meet a stranger than to be greeted with a beautiful Smile, one that extends ‘a warm welcome’ and says, ‘I live...

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Did I Inherit Bad Teeth from my Parents?

Haven’t we all heard this one before… my dad and mum had bad teeth, so I will have bad teeth. They now wear dentures, so I am destined for false teeth. There is nothing further from the truth, but let me paint you a picture. All babies have mothers who...

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