white fillings

White Fillings in Auckland

White Fillings – Don’t let your fillings detract from an otherwise beautiful smile

For decades, dentists only had mercury based amalgam to fill into patients teeth. As the fillings deteriorated, they became black and made beautiful smiles look dull and lifeless.

What is the Cost of White Fillings?

Caring 4 Smiles has moved from amalgam fillings and we offer our patients only white fillings. These may be made of composite or porcelain. The white fillings are bonded into the tooth and this strengthens weakened walls of the cavity.

Want to replace your silver fillings? Need a Filling done perfectly?

Replace old with new…

Amalgam (silver) fillings that have progressively blackened over time cause staining of teeth. Although amalgam is a functional material it does have several disadvantages. The most obvious problem is its unsightly appearance. Heavily filled teeth occasionally crack because of the pressure from chewing onto the amalgam. Many people now choose to have these amalgam fillings replaced to achieve a natural appearance.

Our dentists are highly qualified and experienced Cosmetic Dentist who specialise in correcting teeth concerns while maximising the appearance of your smile. Why not book in with one of our team to discuss your concerns and find out why our patients speak so highly of their experience with us and why we have families that date back several generations still visiting our clinic.