Do you want to know how long it takes to get a root canal?  Nobody likes to get a root canal! That said, sometimes it’s unavoidable, and at Caring 4 Smiles, we know that no one will be excited to come in for a root canal, so we go to extra lengths to limit the time our patients are uncomfortable. The idea behind a root canal is to save an infected tooth. The infection will lead to decay and eventually a fracture or abscess that might require full-blown tooth extraction but a root canal removes the infection and makes it possible to keep your tooth.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Like with many forms of dental care, root canal procedures can be much simpler, quicker, and less uncomfortable if you come in as soon as you notice problems. Letting any symptoms go for too long will almost certainly result in longer, more complex root canals, and with that comes some added discomfort. Nobody wants that. Ensure you come to see us if you’re experiencing new and lingering tooth sensitivity to hot or cold liquids and sweets. Have you started to feel some tooth pain while biting and chewing? It’s important to come in as soon as we can fit you into the schedule. Should your face start to swell after having tooth pain, that’s the best indicator that a root canal procedure is necessary, so please do not let it go on for long.

Total Time for Root Canals

Unfortunately, the amount of time needed for a root canal will vary from case to case, tooth to tooth, and person to person. Some root canals can take as little as 60 minutes to complete, while others may take a few visits. In all scenarios, we do everything we can to ensure you’re in our chair for the shortest time possible. Expect a friendly conversation, reassuring plans of treatment for your scenario, and a transparent discussion with our team so that there are no surprises for anybody once we begin. Don’t think you’ll sit in the chair in pain – you won’t. We make sure to numb the area thoroughly so that you only feel pressure during the procedure and discomfort afterward rather than pain. Most of our patients tell us that tooth pain caused by the problem is always worse than the discomfort after getting the root canal!

Call us today to come in for a checkup if you experience any of the signs mentioned above – you may need a root canal. Again, it’s imperative to understand that the longer you wait, the worse it will be. Our number is 09-631-5416, but if you have an emergency scenario, please call 027-226-9959 

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