Patients with complete dentures are tired of them moving around. Their diet is adversely affected and conventional implants are prohibitively expensive. This is where Narrow Diameter implants can make a huge difference in the mouth.

These narrow diameter implants were previously called mini implants are a wonderful and simple way to stabilize loose and wobbly complete dentures, giving patients a new lease on their food and eating lifestyle. At Caring 4 Smiles, we have amazed our patients with implants, after they have endured significant difficulty in chewing and eating. Our patients are so delighted that they have been singing our praise for a decade. Are you struggling with a loose denture, then come on in for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Most patients would benefit from understanding how the surgical process is conducted in a dental practice and this video will serve to inform anyone considering dental implants. If you would like to have a consultation to better examine your individual circumstances, please call Caring 4 Smiles in Epsom on 09-6315416 or 027 226 9959.

We invite you to a discussion and evaluation on your implant needs. Welcome to our ‘dental practice at Epsom’.

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