Every day at Caring 4 Smiles in Epsom we enjoy the start of a long term committed relationship with our new patients. As a caring practice we share the concerns they bring in, a worry that their teeth will not last a lifetime. We are often asked What is the type of Dentistry performed at Caring 4  Smiles Dental Group?

What is good dentistry ? What is affordable dental treatment?  We are aware that new patients look for a practice where they will be comfortable as well as have excellent dental treatment.

Is cheap dentistry affordable ? Is it the same as good dentistry ?  No patient would purchase ‘cheap dentistry’ if it meant that the filling or the crown or root canal treatment was only going to last a short time. It is however quite common that cheap and discounted dentistry is just a stop gap or temporary treatment. It then means that the patient has to re-do the treatment at an additional cost or have the tooth extracted prematurely. If this outcome was obvious, no patient would opt for ‘cheap dentistry’ or ‘discounted dentistry’.  Good Dentistry is durable and long lasting.  An investment in good dental treatment is one where the practice monitors the work annually to ensure that it is still fit for purpose and the patient’s investment is giving great returns.

At Caring 4 Smiles, we perform durable dentistry as  affordable dentistry because we want everyone to remain as our patient for the long term. At every annual check-up  we confirm that the treatment performed by us is still performing at the best level. Maintenance is all about certifying our past work and continued value, i.e. what you paid for, so many years ago, is still in perfect condition.

If you would like to have durable dentistry at an affordable price please call us in Epsom at 09-6315416 or email [email protected] for a consultation and to make a new friend in this Epsom Dental clinic.

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