Denture Implants in Auckland

Are your dentures lacking the stability you want? Tooth Implants are a highly effective way to secure your dentures in place.

Dentures get loose and flop around when gums shrink and speaking and chewing becomes difficult. Implants enhance appearance and function and improve denture functioning.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures provide many benefits to patients who are struggling in the mouth, with irritation and oral sores. You may be afraid to smile because your denture wobbles, or you are too self-conscious to eat at restaurants. With Denture Implants you will not have to worry about your Dentures being unstable any more.

Our first patient was an 80-year-old lady who felt that she was not young enough to get value from them. After the procedure she wondered as to why she had not done this earlier. Another lady hugged our team and said that they had fixed her husband’s teeth and saved her marriage.

A note from our dentists…

“We see the pain of floppy dentures every time as we visit Rest Homes around this practice”. As patients grow older, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism can lead to uncontrollable muscle movement in the mouth. Patients find it very difficult to eat and chew and nursing staff see older individuals literally starving. With implants, caregivers can easily pop the dentures onto the implants, and eating is a breeze.