Marian – Age 48

Dental condition: Lower 8 molars abscessed and extremely complex to restore. A decision was made to extract them and retain the lower front teeth. A lower denture was made but it quickly caused sore gums and an inability to eat well as they flopped around.

Marian stopped socializing due to embarrassment caused by her teeth.


What did Caring 4 Smiles do to help?

A treatment plan was proposed to Marian and she accepted the following:

We placed 4 mini implants at one surgical appointment to act as supporting pillars. Constructed a new lower cast partial denture to ride on the mini-implants. Seated the new denture into Marian’s mouth. A perfect solution and Marian is delighted. She will get decades of service from the investment.

Long Term forecast: It is possible that Marian may lose all her lower natural teeth in time. The existing cast partial denture above can be modified to add the remaining teeth. Therefore the same denture can be converted into a full denture for the lower jaw. Longevity of a patient’s investment is our focus in every discussion with patients.

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