No one likes to go to the dentist, specially when they are in pain.  Therefore, Preventive Dental Treatment is the best solution, and it must start early in a child’s life.

At Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group, we have been focused on preventive care for decades and all our patients are in great shape. However, we often have children come to see is with extensive decay in molars and we are upset to see this. A tooth is expected to last a lifetime otherwise, replacement with dental implants is a very expensive and complex procedure.  When we catch the problem early, the cost of good dentistry is low. Emergency dentistry, root canal treatment, extractions and implants are the fruits of dental neglect and can so easily be avoided.

Every parent and care-giver wishes to gift a child with a beautiful smile. It therefore takes a Team effort between the parents, the dentist and the child. If one of the three drops the ball, the plan falls by the way-side.

We have young children join us at the age of 3.  We have so much fun bonding with the child and we gradually accomplish Preventive Dental treatment without any crying or screaming. Children love coming to see us and we love having them grow into wonderful adults in our practice.

rapidly spreading tooth decay in teenage molars

Hanna is a teenager. Her fillings were crumbling and eating cold and hot foods was painful. After removing the old fillings placed in childhood, significant decay was noted in multiple areas of the teeth. Treatment: Bonded white composite fillings to restore the architecture of the lower molars. The fillings defy detection. Hanna now complains she is putting on weight by eating ice-cream.

If you would like to gift your child with amazing teeth, please bring them to us for a very caring experience and wonderful dental care.

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