Dental decay is a bacterial infection and this spreads from tooth to tooth. The one with the largest cavity, becomes painful and patients usually focus on the single tooth causing the pain.  However, a full risk assessment of a patient’s mouth will bring up several small and medium cavities and the initial feeling is to leave them for the moment. This is a false economy because the decay spreads and the end result is a much bigger cavity to be fixed.

When a tooth is filled, it never returns to its original strength and therefore, it is best to fill the cavity when it is small. A hollow tooth is high-risk and over the time ahead, can fracture and need very a crown or root canal treatment.  A stitch in time saves nine is very true in dental care.

restore teeth with white fillings

Multiple cavities in adjacent teeth
After restoring them with white fillings


Most patients focus their attention on the obvious (large) cavities. However, often sitting besides these are smaller cavities growing up into larger ones.

We do a comprehensive diagnosis to pick up all decay. You have the ability to plan your treatment to suit your financial situation. A detailed risk assessment is the best way to monitor your mouth over a lifetime.

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