When it comes to teeth whitening, there’s no shortage of options available these days. Whether online or in-stores, you’ll find countless teeth whitening kits that promise stunning smile makeovers, but not all of these products are effective—some work better than others, and there are even some that don’t work at all or may do more harm than good. So what’s the most effective way to whiten your teeth? At Caring 4 Smiles, we offer two highly effective teeth whitening options that will rejuvenate your smile so you can feel confident sharing it with the world. Read on to find out more about each of these solutions.

Power Bleaching

For the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time, we recommend our in-office power bleaching process. Professional in-office teeth whitening treatments from a dentist are quite simply the only way to achieve noticeable results in a single day. With power bleaching, you’ll leave our office with a brighter smile in just two hours.

The process begins by applying a professional-strength whitening gel directly to your teeth. A specialized light is used to activate the bleaching agent. After 20 minutes, the process is repeated, then repeated again once more. During your treatment, you can relax and watch a movie or listen to music. When all is said and done, your teeth can be 8 to 10 shades lighter after a power bleaching treatment.

Power bleaching is a good choice for patients who have severe stains, such as those caused by tobacco use. This treatment is also ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a brighter smile fast for an upcoming event or milestone.

Take Home Bleaching

Another effective method of whitening your teeth is take home bleaching. Don’t get these kits confused with the ones you can buy in stores, though—the take home bleaching kits you get from a cosmetic dentist yield much better results because they use a professional-strength whitening product and customized whitening trays.

You’ll come to our office so we can take impressions of your upper and lower teeth, then these impressions are used by our laboratory to create snug-fitting whitening trays. We’ll give you syringes filled with bleaching gel and provide you with instructions for how to use them to achieve your desired results. With take home bleaching, you can achieve professional results on your own time, from the comfort of home.

Take home teeth whitening is recommended for patients who have a history of sensitivity or mild to moderate stains and discolouration. A take home whitening kit is also perfect for maintaining the results of a power bleaching treatment. You’ll be able to maximize the amount of time between in-office treatments by addressing stains as soon as you notice them starting to form.

Learn More About How to Whiten Your Teeth

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