April 17. 2010

TESTIMONIAL from Mrs Edda Schoene-Zapp


I am Mrs Edda Schoene-Zapp and this is my personal testimonial about Dr Loy my dentist, now my friend and my wonderful experience at Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group in Epsom.

My story begins 11 years ago when I was having 24 months of painful dental treatment with a couple of Cosmetics Dental Specialists in Auckland. After so much time and 80 thousand dollars in expenses, all my teeth were loose, not the right colour and not to my satisfaction. I was desperate and very upset because I had to always have dental glue and instruments in all my handbags to fix my teeth back during dinner. The final crowns were brown and far from the colour I had chosen. I began to doubt if I was losing my mind thinking that I was being unusually demanding?

In sheer frustration, I began to ask my friends to recommend another dentist so I could make a fresh start. I was sent to see Loy in his little dental clinic in Epsom. This was the beginning of my recovery, and the start of a new quality of my life. Loy & his technician Oscar began to create my beautiful smile.

Within 4 weeks, Loy completely rebuilt my upper jaw, and then the lower crowns. I did not ever expect to get such a beautiful smile, and it was all mine. The costs were a fraction of the money I had already paid for the previews bad work.

As I left his office and went to the mall, a lady came up to me and said “Ah…….. you have such beautiful teeth”, and tears filled my eyes because she could not have known that I had been through before Loy worked this wonder for me.

Though I moved back to Germany in 2001, I remained in touch with Loy through the past 10 years. Once again, I needed his skills as a Cosmetic Dentist. I had 8 implants placed in my upper jaw, after a horrific accident when a hammer smashed into my face. I tried to get my denture done in Germany but the local work was unacceptable to me because what they created shifted my teeth and jaw to one side, the bite like mashed potato and their response to my disappointment was that I must wear what I had ordered. This was not my ordered.

In total frustration I told my husband that I must go all the way to Auckland, knowing that Loy would work another miracle for me.

I was scared when I learnt that Oscar the original technician had retired. I met Loy’s present dental technician Peter Ovari, a true artist with a very gentle personality. I was on a fixed time schedule, but Loy and Peter worked continuously to create for me a most beautiful smile. They never gave me, for one second, the feeling that any of my expectations was too much work for them, even they had to work on me till midnight.

During examination we discovered, that in Germany, my implants were not placed correctly, the angulations were so incorrect that the company that makes the implants did not have the abutments to cope with the angle. Peter had to handcraft each individual one for me. We then discovered that the parts listed were different to what was in my mouth. When the German dentist get to know that I was going to New Zealand to have my smile created, they tried to sabotage the work whenever they could by sending incorrect information and the wrong parts.

Loy and Peter sat with me through the entire period of several weeks and the work sometimes needed them both to work till very late at night, even over the weekends, and on Easter Sunday. No dentist in Germany would have done this for me, but the Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group clinic was open anytime for me.

I like beautiful things and so every tooth has to be perfect, the angles to be right and the colour to be sparkling. This is exactly what I got, and I will always remember and be grateful to Loy & Peter. This Cosmetic creation is unbelievable.

I am now returning to Germany with my beautiful…. beautiful smile. My husband, my sisters and all friends were worried about what I may have to endure to get my smile created. Sitting in Loy’s dental chair was a pleasure and absolutely nothing to worry about. “They are soon going to see a dazzling work of art in my mouth and I now know that was only possible at Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group.

I have recorded this testimonial because Loy and Peter are truly committed to me as their patient. With their extreme Art of Cosmetic Dentistry they did create with their hands what I had in my mind.

I can see they are creating a new exciting clinic in Epsom for their patients, and their artistry can be seen in every corner of this beautiful building.

In offer my deepest congratulations to Loy and Peter, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I know that ‘thank you’ seems so small when compared to what they have done for me. I believe that they have given me back a window to my Soul.

When a human being cannot smile, their Soul is closed. I am flashing my smile at everyone in Auckland, and I return to Germany now, completely happy that I got what I came all this way for. I am delighted and deeply thankful.

I can only strongly recommend Loy, Peter and the Caring 4 Smile Dental Group to anyone needing a beautiful smile. Remember, I got mine here but I had to come 15,000 kilometers for it.


With best regards,

Mrs Edda Schoene-Zapp