March 11, 2012


I wanted to express my satisfaction with Dr Loy and the Caring 4 Smiles Dental group regarding the treatment they have provided for my family these past 18 months. We moved to Auckland from United States in October of 2010. The standard of dental care as well as preventative care is very high in. US, and I was concerned I would not be able to find anything comparable here in New Zealand. Thankfully, I passed the clinic on my route home one day and noticed the bright and modern facility. I made an appointment for my children to see Dr Loy. He outlined a plan for preventative care for each of them. Their treatment has included proper demonstration of brushing technique, composite restoration to prevent tooth decay in existing molars, and an oral appliance for oral development and dental alignment. I was surprised that even I learned something about the proper brushing technique!

My son recently had to have a frenectomy, and this was performed in Dr Loy’s office using the latest in laser technology. My son healed very quickly and without discomfort. Already I see difference in his tooth alignment as a result of this procedure recommended by Dr Loy.

We will soon be returning to the US. I can say with confidence that all of my children’s oral hygiene and health is in a better state that when we arrived here in NZ. I have Dr Loy and the Caring for Smiles Dental group to thank for that. I would highly recommend Caring 4 Smiles to anyone searching for a dentist who is current with modern dental procedures and treats every patient on an individual level.