Dear Loy


I am writing to thank you for the way in which the whole process in fitting my 10 implants was performed.

As a patient or 68 years I was very apprehensive as to the procedure, the potential problems in installation and the recovery process. You answered all my questions fully in a very professional and caring manner.

All 10 implants were fitted on the one day over a period of about 4 hours and while as expected there was some minor pain the whole procedure went without any problems. I was probably the patient from hell, recovery was expected to take 7 to 10 days, mine was longer than that due to the infection I contacted in the gum.

The concern and attention shown by both you and your wife in researching the cause identifying the problem and then resolving it was very much appreciated. I was very impressed in the special telephone calls you made asking about my health as well as putting yourself out to see me out of hours. Recovery was very quick once you had identified the cause and within a day or so I was eating so much better.

I can say categorically that I am absolutely overwhelmed at the difference I have experienced in not only eating but also in overall health. I should have had the procedure done years ago.

I have no hesitation in recommending you and this procedure to anyone of any age and I am more that happy to take any telephone calls from anyone to answer any questions.

Thank you once again