To Caring 4 Sm. Dental Group — My testimonial with deepest appreciation

Dental Clinics — a place where people are generally afraid or dread to go. I had one terrible experience in March 1997 until I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Loyola Correa (Dr Loy) and his wife Mrs. Thelma Correa, although under unfortunate circumstances.

Their dental clinic, at that time, was known as Epsom Dental Care which has now been totally transformed into the Caring 4 Smiles Group.

I did not realize the importance of good teeth until I experienced something horrific in March 1997 when I was living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Sometime in March 1997 I was experiencing terrible and unbearable pain in my mouth and went to several doctors over a course of many days but most of them could not diagnosis my problem until one doctor realized it was my tooth which was seeping with pus that was causing my erratic fevers and shivers. He immediately referred me to see Dr. Loy and called to explain the emergency to him. I vividly remember it was a Sunday and being the gentleman that he always is rushed over from his Sunday church to open the clinic to attend to me.

We sat there for hours until he finally solved the problem and all the pain disappeared — I cannot describe the relief, a total miracle. We then sat and discussed and decided to treat my front teeth which were a problem since my fall in Penang when I was about 12.

Dr. Loy’s devotion and care towards treating me resulted in resolving all matters and after fitting in the new bridge I moved back to Malaysia in June 1997. Dr. Loy did mention that the bridge should last between 8-10 years but it surpassed the lifespan and lasted 15 years this year.

Life went on…and now 15 years later I knew I had to update and make a new bridge. My husband, younger son and I decided to visit Dr Loy in New Zealand in July & August 2012. Practically everyone at home here in Malaysia thought I was being absolutely ridiculous to fly down all the way to Auckland to be treated by my dentist but I just knew it in my heart that this is what I must do even though the flights and hotels were going to cost us.

I vividly remember Dr. Loy’s dedication, care and passion of which he had put into giving me not only a set of wonderful teeth but the confidence that went with it. I remembered that I was no longer trying to cover my mouth every time I wanted to smile and how fantastic it had felt to smile for the camera without being conscious which I had never really been able to do.

With all these memories of Dr. Loy we made this trip to Auckland. I definitely made the right choice by going back to Dr. Loy as he still works with total dedication, care and still has the same passion in giving the best. I got my bridge done and also a few other things along with it. I am back in Malaysia with a perfect set of teeth with thanks to Dr. Loy.

There are very few people today who provide service with dedication, care and love and not for the money. Needless to say, Dr. and Mrs. Thelma are those people who I have had a pleasure to be treated by.


Mala Sakhrani

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

09 September 2012