Dear Loy,

It’s a pleasure to write for Dr. Loy’s. The world seemed to be so unfair and there was no lingering light at the end of the tunnel, Dr. Loy came to my rescue. I had developed a severe toothache on one of my capped tooth which was not properly healed. Staying away from home and parents, Dr. Loy was more to me like a friend than a dentist. He not only took great care of my oral health but also helped me get rid of my bleeding gums too. He also helped me get rid of my fear of pain from dental treatments and he made the quote look quite real – fear is just in our minds. Lastly, I am thankful to everyone at his practice, Right from his receptionist Lynette and wife Thelma. I’ve made a practice to keep in touch with him for regular checkups as well so that I don’t lose my smile which he has restored it back.

I would recommend everyone to get in touch with the practice and get a healthy smile because it matters so much when it comes to enjoying your life up to fullest.


Jeetendra Kulkarni

Auckland, New Zealand