April 6, 2011

To whom it may concern:

I am on sabbatical in New Zealand and found the ‘Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group’ through the ‘finda’ website for an emergency repair of a splint fracture. Upon calling I was promptly scheduled for the next day and received excellent treatment. This came as a huge relief as I had no idea how in such short notice I could be sure to find a clinic that would provide the services that I so desperately needed.

Not only did Dr. Loyola Correa solve the issue at hand but he also called to my attention that I urgently needed to attend to my gum hygiene, a very serious affair that I was simply not aware of. I’m now finished the periodontal treatment performed by Dr. Loyola Correa and can truly say that it has done wonders.

As most people I don’t usually enjoy going to the dentist but I must say that the ‘Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group’ has been a refreshing experience. They have been courteous, prompt, well equipped, extremely professional and straight to the point. Furthermore Dr. Loyola Correa did not hesitate to share with me his recommendations for future treatments that need to be done beyond the course of my stay without asking or expecting anything in return.

For someone who is seeking sound, trust worthy, high quality dental treatment I highly recommend the ‘Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group’.


Dr. Erie Palevsky, Acarologist