Dr Loyola Correa.


I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with my titanium implants. I have had them now for about a month, and have been totally amazed at the difference.

I really appreciate the way you explained the process initially in a clear and understandable manner. Then your care and expertise during the process was excellent. You managed to minimize the discomfort during the insertion of the implants, and then afterwards you even rang me out of hours to check on how I was. This type of service is not common today, but I greatly valued your highly professional yet personal care and concern.

My expectations of the final outcome were greatly exceeded. I have been able to eat things with ease and comfort that would have been very difficult or impossible before.  My dentures no longer move as I eat, so food does not get under them causing those embarrassing moments when out or in company. Things that were too hard to bite or chew are now easy to deal with. My wife is amazed that I can do bite into apples and enjoy a good steak. I am able to eat almost as though my teeth were natural, which I never thought I would ever be able to do again.

I will be strongly recommending that my friends who have dentures get implants and I will be also recommending that they get them done by you.

Thank you again for making such a huge difference to my life.



Colin Jones