My daughter has had dental trouble ever since her second teeth came through. Having had asthma and whooping cough while her second teeth were forming, we were told high temperatures and medication was the cause. She is now 25 and over the years we have had various ‘specialist’ opinions about her on-going and long term care, hearing the one main diagnosis that she would eventually have to have her teeth removed as they were ‘chalky’ and she would need false teeth. We were told this would probably need to be done when she was about 25 years old. This was a horrendous spectacle hanging over our heads for many years — my beautiful young daughter with FALSE TEETH, something we found so hard to comprehend in this day and age.

My daughter is a journalist and did her own research when she left home and needed some urgent dental work for persistent tooth ache. She found the website for ‘Caring 4 Smiles’ in Epsom and decided after independent checking to have a consultation with Dr Loy. Dr Loy and his team were so caring and positive, with such an optimistic approach, telling us what we wanted to hear —that my daughter would be able to keep her own teeth. Not just what we wanted to hear but backing this claim up with a progressive plan over the next year to create a new smile for my daughter. It has not been easy, a fair amount of pain and expense but after six months we can see such a difference. Dr Loy takes photographs so you can see the before, during and after. We were amazed at the previous ‘sticking plasters’ my daughter had in her mouth. Other dentists with really good reputations that we had trusted had just drilled and patched up cavities with no thought to long term care, the proverbial ambulance at the bottom of the cliff!

My daughter can finally see a future with her own good teeth. If only we had found Dr Loy and his team 15 years ago we could have saved my daughter a whole lot of misery. I would recommend ‘Caring For Smiles’ to anyone who needs a fresh approach to dentistry, combining a dentist, oral surgeon, cosmetic and preventative dentist — a one stop shop! Someone you can put your absolute trust in to tell you the truth and help you through it all in a professional and honest manner.

I am so excited about all the options and information available that I am changing to ‘Caring 4 Smiles’ as well!



Carlene Mabey