Today we’re going to examine mouth-breathing. Most people don’t even give this a thought. We already know that mouth-breathing is sort of the butt of many jokes because it can look so unintelligent. Typically, mouth breathing should only be reserved when you’re pretty sick, and your nose cannot get you enough breath to fill your lungs. Alternatively, mouth breathing or “sucking wind” is our body’s way of getting us more oxygen when we overexert and exercise. That should be the only time, though. Suppose your child appears to be a mouth breather. In that case, there are some solutions to help prevent it from being a long-term affliction because it will affect their ability to enjoy and excel at physical recreational activities like sports.

Why Does Mouth Breathing Hinder Athleticism?

A good athlete is one who can tolerate the buildup of Carbon-Dioxide in the body, when sleeping or exercising. Mouth breathing, even when you’re asleep, is indicative of your inability to tolerate even minor carbon dioxide build up. Additionally, to have deep sleep, you must be able to tolerate CO2 buildup. 

Mouth breathing causes loss of water that your body has stored. Believe it or not, it also takes more energy, even when breathing absentmindedly. So if anybody, adult or child, tends to breathe through their mouth exclusively, they’re passively wasting their body’s water stores while burning more energy than if they breathe normally through their nose. As a result, the likelihood of overheating is wildly increased, and there is a much greater risk of heart stress. Sleep is disturbed as you will wake up when in deep sleep, children and adults struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Overheating will disrupt muscle function and make you less effective on a sports field – especially as a child. Endurance is affected, and so is peak exertion performance.

It Also Causes Teeth/Gum Problems!

Breathing through your mouth for extended periods will inevitably cause tooth decay. When your mouth is constantly dry, your saliva will thicken and change in acidity. Your mouth has a normal pH level that the change in acidity will throw off, and tooth decay will ensue. Gums are affected similarly, and drying gums will even start to crack and split just like sensitive parts of your skin will. While this can be uncomfortable, it can become downright painful if you floss or brush your gum line, resulting in poor hygiene to avoid the discomfort.

There ARE Solutions

Don’t just assume there is nothing you can do for your child. Mouth breathing is an affliction, and several exercises and even devices have been created to help children with mouth breathing problems. We recommend speaking with your dentist to find out what solutions may be best for your child as everybody’s situation tends to be unique, so the solutions and practices can be tailormade to help fit the circumstance. Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group is your dentist of choice in Auckland, NZ, especially with so much knowledge regarding curbing mouth breathing habits. 

Give us a call at 09 631 5416, or fill out the online form describing your concerns and problems and detailing questions regarding your child’s affliction, and we’ll be happy to help your child be the best athlete they can be at any sport they desire!