Pat was a wonderful 80-year-old who came in regularly to Caring 4 Smiles with the complaint of ‘loose dentures’ and ‘sore gums’.  She had shrunken gums from being a denture wearer for over 40 years – it was very fashionable then to have ‘full clearance’ for your 16th birthday and then get a set of ‘Pearly White teeth’ put in place. Now in her 80’s, she wished she had never taken that advice.

Pat had read somewhere that her dentures could be made firm and stable with ‘Mini dental implants’. As her dentist, I was amazed at her awareness of the procedure to ‘stabilize loose and floppy dentures’ and my first thoughts were “how much mileage would she get with these implants, she was already 80″. I think Pat read my mind when she said “It is better to eat well for the few years I have than struggle with soups and broths”. She was right. I placed 4 minis in her lower jaw and she ate well for the rest of her life.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

‘Mini Dental implants’ have been around for over 25 years and have specific usage in stabilizing dentures. At Caring 4 Smiles, we have used them to stabilize ‘partial dentures’ and ‘full dentures’ and the results are spectacular. Patients walk in with their ‘floppy dentures’ and in most cases, we can stabilize these dentures in a painless quick surgical procedure to embed mini implants. In some cases, we advise patients to get ‘new dentures’.

‘Conventional implants’ require significant bone quantities because they are thicker. Additionally, after placement of the conventional implants into your jaw, they must be left to assimilate for 4 – 5 months. Mini implants are loaded up immediately and patients walk out of our dental clinic with their dentures locked in place. When patients become old and infirm, their dental implants hold their dentures in place, thereby assisting the nursing team to feed them adequately. Without ‘stable teeth’, our old darlings would starve.

‘Mini Implants costs’ are a fraction of a conventional implant – in terms of $$$ and time. However, their placement must be preceded by proper ‘implant planning’ and ‘bone assessment’. There have been reports of failure when dentists have used mini implants to hold ‘crowns and bridges’. It is this improper usage that causes ‘failure of mini dental implants’.

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HAPPY EATING to you all !!!!