Robert, a victim of total tooth loss was fitted with complete upper and lower dentures. These dentures flopped around and caused him considerable embarrassment and mental anguish. He struggled to speak, smile and laugh and eating was impossible. This went on for years.

Robert used different tubes of denture adhesive to just get his dentures to stick for a few minutes. All the gum went down into his stomach and caused him cramps and digestive problems. He felt confused and deeply upset but he could not afford a full mouth of conventional implants at the high cost.

When Robert came to see us, we offered him placement of mini implants for his upper and lower dentures. This was a financial outlay he was happy to meet. We used his existing dentures to fit onto the implants.


It has been 5 years since Robert had this work done. He is a transformed person because he even forgets that he is wearing dentures. The dentures are so natural looking that he forgets he wears a pair.

At Caring 4 Smiles, we incorporate technologies and treatment options that are affordable to all. These have produced significant delight in our patients. Treatment at our practice is tailor made to suit every financial situation.