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As our dental patients grow older, I am asked to replace more lost teeth with dental implants. At our Epsom practice in Auckland, we offer patients the choice of Titanium and Zirconia ( metal free dental implants ). It is absolutely necessary that a discussion be had with patients because dentists never know if a patient is allergic to the Nickel in the Titanium.

Nickel is always present in Titanium and even in very low quantities, can trigger an allergic reaction. Patients have been known to suddenly get facial eczema after a Titanium implant was placed. This eczema abated after the implant was removed from the jaw. Here is the link to the scientific article. :

Most female patients know if they are allergic to Nickel and so most never wear cheap costume jewelry. If a Titanium implant was placed in such a patient, it would most likely cause slow progressive low grade metal allergy and prevent the implant from integrating with the bone ( osseointegration ) which is how a dental implant bonds to the jaw bone.

Male patients on the other hand, never find out if they have a nickel allergy and the first dental implant might be a tragic and expensive way to find out.

To have a comprehensive discussion on your options for replacing missing teeth, a dental practice must believe in Zirconia Implants. Our practice has been offering Zirconia and Titanium implants for almost 10 years.

We delight in educating our patients on the choices they have.

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