The mouth can take a significant amount of insult resulting in chipping and fracture of teeth.

Some patients who don’t realize the ongoing disease, opt to get patch work done. They patch and patch till the teeth cannot be patched any more. If we begin early, this can be avoided. Full mouth rehabilitation is key to maintaining teeth for life. As we get older, our chewing gets affected by the lack of teeth and this results in a major shift in diet. We move from meats and protein foods to carbohydrates and this aggravates diabetes. We therefore must become mindful of the fact that we are going to live longer and our chewing efficiency is most important. Dentures just don’t stack up to natural teeth, so please look after your teeth as they are precious.


The early warning signs of a crumbling dentition is cracking and chipping of front and back teeth. A patient who has been clenching and grinding, will notice over many years,  that the teeth are chipping away. Doing something to stabilize this ongoing problem, is very important. The investment can be significant if you wait till it is too late and most of your teeth are broken off.  A timely assessment will be the best option.

At Caring 4 Smiles we are very vigilant for signs of wearing and chipping. We then present our patients with all the evidence and leave them to make a decision to rebuild the dentition sooner than later. If left un-managed, all teeth will be lost and a complete denture is the only solution. We have been offering full mouth rehabilitation for decades and our patients love the end result.  Do come in for a chat and to assess your options for Full mouth rehabilitation if you intend to have teeth in your old age.

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