As we humans evolve, our eating habits have changed from a rough and chewy diet to a softer and more processed meal and this lack of stimulation to the jaws, reduces their forward development. Wisdom teeth have no place to push through and there is the consequent swelling, gum infection and severe pain.

Wisdom teeth begin pushing through around 17, but these teeth can be detected 5 years earlier and a plan discussed, to deal with them sooner than later. In a recent article we posted online, we presented a young 14-year-old with massive damage to the jaw from a tumour associated with the right-side wisdom tooth.

It is in the best interest of every growing child, to have an assessment of their wisdom teeth around age 12, and for parents to be assured on viewing the x-ray scan taken. Planning for the procedure can save a child from severe complications later. Below is a link to the post on the 14-year-old.

Read all about the 14-year-old child here.

Sample X-RAY scan for WISDOM TEETH

Complex anatomy of nerves and arteries around wisdom teeth leads most general dentists to steer clear of treating these and they write up a referral to the Surgeon where costs can vary significantly depending on whether the patient has insurance or not. Some patients believe the procedure is painful and so it must be done under IV sedation or general anaesthesia. These additional procedures make the process far more expensive and recovery is longer. It need not be so.

There is no doubt that wisdom tooth surgery needs special skills and expertise and most of all, systematic planning. Infection and complications can be an unwanted visitor in any surgery and we take all the precautions to prevent these. However, some patients keep postponing their treatment and land up at the practice with massive swellings and infection. Therefore, it is better to deal with wisdom teeth before the acute condition makes it an emergency procedure.

At Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group, we are gentle and fully trained to perform complex wisdom teeth extractions, 99% done under simple local anaesthesia. We have over 40 years of experience, performing wisdom tooth surgery, and have very rarely had to administer sedation. Costs are therefore much lower but are based on the complexity of the surgery. We invite patients to come in for an initial consultation where an estimate of costs is provided.

Our fees for wisdom teeth surgery can range between $350 for upper teeth and $650 per lower wisdom tooth after the scan is taken and examined. We offer payment plans too. (Ts & Cs apply).

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