March 13, 2012


After a visiting a few rather ‘rough’ dentists and never really feeling comfortable in a dentist’s chair I thought l had nothing to lose when I decided to try out Caring for Smiles. The practice had recently opened down the road from our house and it looked clean, modern and inviting. From my very first visit Carolyn made me feel at ease and did an excellent job of explaining to me what she was looking at and any areas of concern.

As we all know, dental work can be expensive and Carolyn was great with explaining to me what the most immediate needs were, and working with me on a plan to ensure I could space the work out over a number of months to make it more affordable.

I have always been very nervous with needles and hated to get injections done when I needed fillings. However, Carolyn was very mindful of this and took extra care in this area-  it was the most pain free and comfortable injection experience I have had with a dentist — even after previously paying top dollar and going to a dentist who claimed to have a ‘pain-free injections’.

It was not just Carolyn who made my time with Caring for Smiles a great experience, the environment is very friendly and the practice managers are so thoughtful and caring. They always remember who you are when you call and will do whatever they can to fit you in for an appointment time that is convenient for you. It was also lovely to receive calls or voice messages from Thelma in days after a treatment to ensure things were going OK.

Overall I am a huge fan of Caring for Smiles and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. Thank you Carolyn, Loy, Thelma & the rest of the team for making an experience most people dread into something more bearable. I have really appreciated your personal customer service and your high quality work.


Kindest regards