Hi, I am Sam, and this testimony is created because my family and I have a warm and long standing relationship with Loy and the Caring 4 Smiles Team in Epsom.

In 1996, my family got a flyer for a check up to meet Dr Loy, our new local dentist. Mum and dad had their dental checks and after meeting Loy and Thelma, they felt my brother, sister and I must meet Loy too.

Loy suggested that we 3 kids be placed on a Preventive Dental care program and my mum and dad started their dental treatment. I was 9 years old at that time, and I just sat there wondering what this was all about and if it was going to be painful.

Nothing was painful and as the years rolled by, I would watch movies and TV on the screen above while Loy worked on my teeth. My family and I became close friends with Loy and the team and we enjoy a special relationship. This brings us all back every 6 months for routine checks and we always get a big tick.

I work in Australia and my brother and sister are also overseas. We make regular trips to Auckland and we continue to see Loy and the team.

Loy and the team have built a great new clinic at Epsom and we strongly recommend this practice to you all.


Sam Herring