Oral Hygiene Therapists

“Please view our hospital grade sterilization facility anytime you are here”.

The heart of the best dental clinic in Auckland is the sterilization bay and room to protect patients. We invite every patient to view our high tech sterilizing facility where our dental assistants ensure the strictest standards of instrument management for patient safety.

In today’s environment of cross-infection risks, we have spared no effort or cost to establish a hospital grade of sterilization. It is these high standards which set our practice uniquely apart. Our claim to be the best dental clinic in Auckland comes from the highest standard of technology, sterilization and patient care and we raise the bar on ourselves constantly.

Our dental assistants maintain the instruments, the rooms, the floors and every aspect of our patient facility to an exceptional standard. They are never fazed with the hard work of dental assisting and managing this practice. They are always smiling and enjoy the people who come here.