Invisalign braces are a modern approach to the old “train-tracks” style braces. These clear, hardly visible braces can perform the task of creating a perfect smile without the inconvenience of ulcers and ugly steel braces that require constant cleaning. Invisalign are also able to be taken out for photographs or special occasions like a date! To give you some idea of the impact these can have on a person’s smile and confidence, here’s a recent story of an Invisalign patient.

A young man came in with a speech defect and said his teeth were moving. We took photos of his upper and lower teeth for our records. Suggested INVISALIGN or FASTBRACES to correct the shape of his upper and lower jaws. In 18 months, these are the fantastic results !!!!!

Step 1: Repair all teeth that had crumbling fillings – we want to KEEP them
Step 2: INVISALIGN – 30 aligners (i.e. 60 weeks).

What a beautiful end result and a delighted patient & dentist.

At Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group we have only one motivation:

“Let your Smile reflect your Lifestyle”.