After your child’s first dental visit, you may wonder how often your child should visit the dentist. Does it need to be multiple times a year, or maybe it only needs to be once every year or so? 

Several factors go into deciding how often dental visits are necessary for your child, so keep reading to learn what experts in children’s dentistry have to say about how often children should visit the dentist. 

Regular Dental Visits

Regarding child dentist visits, the ADA recommends bringing your child to the dentist every six months after their first visit. 

The dentist can then check for any potential issues that could occur down the way, clean your child’s teeth, and ensure there are no current dental problems that the dentist needs to address. 

Common things that a dentist will check for during a visit include:

  • A complete teeth cleaning and dental examination will occur
  • X-rays may be taken ( usually not for a child under 5 years )
  • Flouride sealants may be given to protect the teeth
  • Checking the child’s brushing and flossing 
  • Discussing further treatment if any dental problems are discovered

Even if your child has a healthy mouth, it does not mean they do not need to come back for children’s dentistry services for a year or longer, as that can lead to problems progressing that could have been dealt with when they were just beginning. 

By bringing your child in for regular visits, they will not only build the habit of visiting the dentist regularly in their adult lives but also have healthier mouths and fewer dental problems. 

But what if your child has recurring dental problems? Do they only need to go every six months, or should they visit more frequently? 

If your child suffers from frequent dental problems like cavities or inflammation, the AAPD recommends taking them to the dentist every three months to stay on top of their oral hygiene. 

Children and X-Rays

For children with a higher chance of tooth decay, the ADA recommends receiving dental x-rays every six months. 

If they are at a lower risk for tooth decay, the dentist will likely only take x-rays once a year to catch any issues that the naked eye may not see. 

Even if your child has no cavities and never has had any, x-rays can pick up erupting teeth, diagnose bone pathology, and help better plan oral treatments. 

While you may be concerned about the x-rays, with modern technology and safety measures like lead vests and collars, the dangers of an undetected dental problem are much greater than that of the x-rays. 

Regular Dental Visits

Regularly taking your child to the dentist helps keep their teeth and mouth healthy and free of any long-lasting dental problems that could affect them later in life. 

Children’s dentistry catches cavities before they become large and monitor erupting teeth to ensure they come in properly. Also, your child will have good dental habits instilled in them that will last into their childhood, promoting proper dental hygiene. 

If your child is due for a dentist appointment, schedule an appointment online  at Caring 4 Smiles, or call 09 631 5416. Our expert team of child dentists will make the process go smoothly and help keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong.