If you’re missing a tooth and are looking for a non-removable replacement option, there may come a time when it’s necessary for you to get a dental implant. Should you find yourself in this situation, one of the first things you may wonder about is the cost of a single tooth implant. In the sections below, we answer this question and provide other relevant information regarding dental implant pricing in Auckland, NZ, to help you make your decision.

Dental Implant Pricing in Auckland, NZ

If you’re looking to get a single dental implant in Auckland, NZ, you should plan to spend between NZ$6,000 and NZ$7,000. For multiple implants, compare these figures associated with getting 2 to 3 implants (NZ$11,000 – NZ$13,000) and to the price of a complete set of fixed teeth at (NZ$18,000 – NZ$30,000).

Also, keep in mind that when two or more soon-to-be-removed front teeth are in a row, you’ll need a dental implant and a bridge to fill in the space.

What Determines the Price of a Dental Implant Installation?

A variety of factors determine the overall cost of a dental implant installation. These factors are briefly described below:

  • Material Used: Two materials often used in dental implant construction are titanium and zirconia. Titanium is a preferred material for dental implants because it’s biocompatible; it can effectively fuse to human bone. Patients with metal allergies opt for Zirconia implants.
  • Preparatory Treatments: You’ll likely need initial treatments before the implant gets installed. You’ll need these if the tooth is damaged or decayed. You may also need a tissue graft if you lack sufficient soft tissue or have low bone density.
  • Sedation: Especially if you need a tooth extraction (internal link) or tissue grafting before the implants get installed, you’ll need proper dental sedation to keep you comfortable. This will add several hundred dollars to the overall cost. 

Which Kind of Dental Professional Should Install Dental Implants?

Most individuals will see a periodontist when they need dental implants, and this is because periodontists generally receive more implant-focused training than any other dental professional. Their in-depth knowledge of the gums will also be immensely helpful.

Even though many prefer seeing a periodontist for implants, these aren’t the only dental professionals who can install them, as well trained general dentists, cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons can as well. Caring 4 Smiles has a team of well trained dentists who routinely place dental implants.

How Can You Tell When It’s Time for Dental Implants?

A wide variety of signs can indicate that it’s time to get a dental implant. For example, you may have a tooth that’s chipped/cracked, and binding isn’t enough. An implant could also be a solution if you have a bad infection or are missing a tooth.

Implants are also an option for those who no longer want dentures. Moreover, getting implants could be the way to go if you want to have a better smile and a stronger chew.

If you need a single tooth implant in Auckland, NZ, contact Caring 4 Smiles now at 09 631 5416.