Dentures are a standard option for people who have lost teeth and want an improved smile and quality of life. Keep reading to learn how dentures are an affordable option to replace your missing teeth! No one wants to deal with the loss of teeth, but once it happens, it is vital to have all the necessary information. 

The Average Cost of Dentures

The cost of getting complete & partial dentures depends on many factors, as everyone’s denture needs are different, but they are still cheaper than getting implants. While you can not know the exact cost of your dentures until you speak with your dentist, on average, complete dentures in New Zealand cost between $ 2000 – $ 3500 per jaw.  Partial dentures can vary based on the materials used – acrylic, Valplast and whether the partial denture has a Vitallium metal base

The cost of your dentures will also depend on the quality of the teeth & acrylic you choose. Typically, you can choose three quality tiers: Low, Medium, and High. Low-quality dentures could be as cheap as $ 1200 for a single arch or $ 2500 for a complete set, and high-quality dentures could cost upwards of $ 10,000 for both arches

What Goes Into Deciding The Cost of Your Dentures

You are finally starting to look at getting dentures and want to know what will be used to decide your dentures’ cost. While this is not a complete list, and you will need to speak with your dentist to get an accurate estimate, this will help ensure you do not go into the meeting completely unaware. 

Are Extractions Needed?

Sometimes when you are getting dentures made, you will need to have extractions done to remove any remaining teeth that are in the way. Usually, if you need these extractions, the cost is not included in the dentures’ cost estimation. On average, tooth extractions cost between $195 – $ 270 per tooth

The Material Used In the Dentures

Another aspect of your dentures’ cost is the material used to create your dentures. Currently, the denture base can be made of four primary materials – Acrylic Resin (generally the cheapest), Valplast ( flexible material) and Metal. The cost of teeth can vary based on colour customization and strength. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so you should speak with your dentist about choosing the best material that will work for you and suits your budget.

Dentures made by a Technician, General dentist or made by a Specialist

Patients usually have their dentures made by the dentist who has looked after them for many years. However, Dental Technicians also make dentures. Some patients may have special needs and may be referred to a Specialist. The costs of making dentures also depends on the relationship you have with the clinic making your dentures. You must feel comfortable with the team because all dentures need adjustments over time.

Partial or Full Arch

The final main aspect that goes into deciding the cost of your dentures is whether or not you are getting a partial or complete arch denture. Partial dentures can be cheaper since you only replace a portion of your teeth. However, if you choose partial dentures with a metal framework, You will experience the highest comfort in your mouth and these partial dentures can cost between $ 2500 – $ 4000, based on the design complexity.

High-Quality Dentures at Affordable Prices

While dentures can be expensive, research will help you find the highest-quality and cheapest dentures available. 

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