While everyone wants their natural teeth to last as long as possible, unfortunately, most people will require some dentures as they age. However, knowing how much dental implants in Auckland cost can decide whether or not getting dentures is something you can afford at the moment. 

Keep reading to learn what goes into calculating the cost of dentures so you can prepare for your dental appointment! 

Calculating the Cost of Dentures

While it is impossible to know for sure how much a complete set of dentures will cost before speaking with your dentist, on average, each jaw will cost between $2000 – $3500. The cost depends on several factors, including if we need to extract any teeth, the quality of the dentures, and the material used to create them. 

Do Any Teeth Need to be Extracted?

If you need to have any teeth extracted before getting your dentures, you will need to add about $195 – $270 per tooth that has to be extracted. Your dentist will work with your and your insurance provider to determine the total cost of getting any remaining teeth extracted before you are fitted for dentures. 

The Quality of the Dentures 

Dentures are not all created equally, and your dentures’ quality will play a big part in how much your total set costs. If you get low-quality dentures, which will not last as long, you can expect them to cost around $2500 for the complete set. On the high-end side, though, getting dentures that will last for a long time could cost as much as $10,000 for the full set. 

Material Being Used to Create the Dentures

Besides the general quality of your dentures, the denture material also heavily impacts the cost. Typically dentures will be made from one of the following three materials – Metal, Acrylic Resin, and Valplast. 

Acrylic Resin is the cheapest option, with Valplast being a good mid option and metal being the strongest available. However, each type of denture does have its own pros and cons, so speak with your dentist or oral surgeon about what options are available and which would be best for your needs. 

Thoroughly Discuss Your Options With Your Dentist

If you are told that you should consider dentures by your dentist, be sure to talk over all your options with your dentist. Ask them what the rough cost estimate will be if they need complete or just partial dentures, if all of your remaining teeth have to be extracted, and what type of material your dentures should be made from. 

Once you have fully discussed your options with your dentist, you will get a much more accurate price estimate, and then you can decide what you want to do moving forward. 

Estimating how much your full set of dentures will cost in Auckland, NZ, is easier if you discuss it with your dentist first. If you need dentures, contact our Auckland, NZ office team, and they will help you develop the perfect dental care plan for your particular needs.