Taking proper care of your dentures will ensure they last you a good, long while. It can mean the difference between an uncomfortable fit and a comfortable fit that lasts for years. Part of taking proper care is storage when you’re not using the dentures, and some of the proper care we are referring to is having a regular exam from your dentist. Perhaps the most important piece of proper maintenance, though, is cleaning. Dentures need to be cleaned every day, and it would be great if you could clean them multiple times a day, just like you would brush your teeth. Caring 4 Smiles Dental Group wants denture wearers to check out this comprehensive guide for denture cleaning to ensure comfortable fits and long-lasting devices.

Denture Cleaning Guide

  • Be Gentle – Bending the plastic or clasps can cause damage to the dentures, so try to be gentle when you clean them.
  • Clean Your Mouth – It doesn’t make sense to take the time to clean your dentures thoroughly and then pop them back into a plaque coated mouth, undoing all your hard work. Make sure you brush the teeth & gums,, as well as your tongue.
  • Soft Bristle Brush – Gently soak your dentures in a denture cleaner, then brush them with a soft-bristled brush. Make sure you get in crevices to remove food and plaque buildup just as you would a set of natural teeth. Do not apply too much pressure. Try to make a circular motion and be gentle but firm. A good rule of thumb is to use three fingers to hold the brush to make sure you’re not using too much pressure.
  • Do NOT use toothpaste to brush your dentures. Some toothpastes are far too abrasive on denture plastic and will lead to scratches developing, and ultimately, dark staining.
  • Overnight Soaking – Crucial. When you go to bed at night, pop the dentures out and clean them, then set them in the denture-soaking solution until you wake up the next morning. After you’ve cleaned the inside of your mouth when you wake up, you can rinse the dentures and pop them back in.
  • Avoid Whiteners – Most toothpaste with peroxide or baking soda will not change the color of the dentures and will cause damage and deterioration. DO NOT USE BLEACH ON YOUR DENTURES. Bleach will break down the composite molds and make your dentures prematurely brittle.
  • Never Use Hot Water – When working with your dentures, ensure you’re using lukewarm water. Hot water will inevitably warp the dentures. NEVER BOIL THEM TO CLEAN THEM.

With plenty of experience helping our patients by providing implant dentures, partials, full dentures, and even hybrid implant-supported dentures, we know a thing or two about how to take care of and clean your new teeth. Check out our webpage devoted to the different kinds of dentures we provide, and contact us if you’re ready to take the plunge. We’re happy to help repair or replace existing dentures and supply you with your first set! 

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