Yes, the question is real ! 

It is a startling discovery that a significant number of patients have never been taught to brush their teeth. This statistic becomes even more stark when patients have moved from a manual toothbrush to an electric one. The Art of ‘Brushing your teeth‘ is learned and practiced and efficiency is increased with the use of disclosing dye. Tooth brushing is not merely stumbling our of bed, finding your way to the bathroom and rubbing your teeth for a few minutes, without any hint of thoroughness. Therefore, every dental hygienist and dentist must review how the patient brushes their teeth. In this way, patients will protect their investment on a day to day basis.

Think about it, if you purchased a new car and did not maintain it correctly, your investment would need expensive repairs and maintenance. The same applies to your teeth.  Disclosing solutions and tablets stain plaque red and if you can see it, you will brush it. It is a great motivator for children and makes brushing a fun activity. Great teeth is all about team effort. You practice at home and we monitor your efforts at every visit. If we did not tell you that  you were missing plaque in certain areas, you would get very upset when those teeth get decayed and damaged. Therefore, we are a Preventive Dental Care practice where we protect your investment every time you visit us. Sometimes, our patients have become upset when we point out that certain areas are full of plaque, but we are protecting your teeth so we have to be blunt sometimes.

At Caring 4 Smiles in Epsom, we start at the drawing board of Oral Health – ‘Teach them to brush and Floss’. Welcome to our practice for an amazing Preventive Dentistry experience. A little brushing,  saves heaps in fees for ‘crowns’, ‘extractions’, and ‘implants’.

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