Every dentist starts his career hearing the same opening lines “No offense Dr, but I hate dentists” and we grow into harbouring thoughts of maybe doing something else – golf, fishing, camping. Old fashioned dentistry is not the same as today’s modern and high tech dental practice where digital dentistry, dental imaging, CEREC, ‘A tooth in a day’ and Cosmetic Dentistry can transform a toothless grin into a dazzling smile.

The transformation cannot start with an uninspired and unhappy dentist.

Auckland’s waterfront is where I start my day, at 5 am, with air as fresh and crisp and a Heavenly welcome to everyone, to ‘start here’. I claim ownership of this pristine part of Nature every morning. ‘You’re mine’, I say to the Gods, as I stroll Auckland’s promenade and I fill myself up with the fuel to welcome every patient to my practice.

As I set out for the dental clinic, I pack a picnic with myself. “Eat healthy foods and you will have amazing teeth” is only part of the truth; a ‘caring dentist’ makes the mix right. A PBJ sandwich is enough fuel for even the most hard working dentist and takes me through the ‘wisdom tooth surgery’ at 7 am, the ‘Smile design’ case at 8, the emergency and ‘pain relief’ patient at 9 and the ‘implant surgery’ to ‘give back a smile’.

By morning tea, the PBJ sandwich is a distant pleasant memory and the dental clinic is now buzzing with everyone hitting the straps. New patients call in to ‘get a feel for the practice’ and we welcome all callers to visit us online or drop in for a coffee and chat. Trust is the most important ingredient in Dental Care because it is a commitment for the long term. We want you to have ‘durable dentistry’

When I look back on my career as a dentist in Epsom, I know that every day we brought a ’happy dentist’ in at the door and let the ‘experienced dentist’ run the day. To be a Caring dentist, we had to be ‘Happy Dentist’ first.

Caring 4 Smiles at Epsom in Auckland is a ‘family focused’ practice. We spend our day in this beautiful and modern dental clinic and invite ‘all new and existing patients’ to an amazing dental experience. We have the ‘happiness advantage’ to transform all dental patients. We practice caring dentistry every day.