As I am a dentist from 1978 gives me the benefit of experiencing first hand, the “Changing Face of Dentistry”. I had earlier practiced dental care with the conviction that an AMALGAM filling placed in a patient’s mouth would remain there forever. We made fillings of harder and stronger materials as our intention focused on ensuring that we never had a ‘broken filling’. Unfortunately, as the chewing force increased, the tooth gave way, the harder materials survived.

Cars were also made of steel and in an accident, the vehicle withstood the impact, but the passenger absorbed the full force on impact. Today, cars are designed to crumple because vehicles are replaceable and the passenger is protected from the force.

Cosmetic & Preventive Dentistry has undergone a sea change where we recognize that in an ideal world, a natural tooth is designed to last a lifetime. When it unfortunately gets decayed and needs a filling, the material must be gentle on the structure and biology of the tooth and gums. ‘White fillings’ are currently the best dental materials when compared to mercury fillings. Every metal leaks and corrodes and amalgam fillings must be replaced to protect the tooth.

Remember, a filling is replaceable, so your tooth must be protected for life. Caring 4 Smiles @ Epsom, is focused on Preventive Dentistry. Everyone gets ‘a great smile’ here.

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