Digital Dentistry and CAD-CAM Dentistry is a fascinating part of our daily work at Caring 4 Smiles in Epsom. Just like our new hand-held telephone device allows us a huge jump in communication technology, CEREC – Omnicam linked to the MCXL Premium milling unit empowers us to provide the dental creativity that you the busy executive, wants from a modern dental clinic.

At Caring 4 Smiles, we seek to provide patients with the ultimate in ‘Cerec‘ Dentistry with fractured teeth repaired in one sitting at an ‘affordable dentistry‘ fee. We believe that if our practice is at the forefront, where the ultimate dental treatment is affordable. We are therefore constantly training, re-educating ourselves so as to provide our patients with the best options.

Saving Time is saving money in today’s’ fast paced world. Our dentistry saves you heaps. – To become a family member at Caring 4 Smiles in Epsom, Auckland, please call 09-631 5416 for a consultation appointment.


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