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What happens next

At your first visit to our practice, it is likely that you will be keen to get to know us, view our facilities, our practice philosophy and in this way, recognise if this is where you would like to come in so we also get to know you better.

We invite you to:

  • Meet our team – No obligation chat appointment.
  • View our treatment rooms, sterilization and patient facilities
  • Get to know our technology and its advantages
  • Review your treatment goals, costs and time frames for care
  • Discuss any special needs / arrangements i.e. for a preferred time for your appointments, special financial arrangements and update us on any medical condition.
  • Bring along any past dental records for assimilation into our systems.


Your First Visit

By the time you have arrived at our practice, you have spoken to our experienced Practice Managers who would have facilitated this first visit. If your first visit is for a dental emergency, you will be seeing our dentist straight away and we will endeavour to relieve you. This is not our usual protocol, but emergencies are given priority.

However, if your visit is a routine check-up, with the intention to join our practice, you will be checked and assessed by our dentist who will assess of your Oral Health. This first assessment is a walk-through to establish base-line records, detail your past dental history and to discuss your dental expectations and concerns.

At this visit, you may also have digital x-rays and high definition photographs made to create an over-view of your mouth. A comprehensive assessment requires us to fully record and share with you, the present oral circumstances you are in. We use this information to arrive at and discuss costs prior to any procedure.


The purpose of our first meeting would clearly be to determine if our practice is where you would like to have your immediate and long-term care. Our team will always make every effort to fully explain and so exceed your expectations of us.

Once you accept our treatment plan, you will move to your second visit.

Your Second visit

Your second visit is usually to review and re-establish an Oral Care protocol. In the run-of-the-mill of daily activities, people need to review the latest protocols on oral hygiene care because often current research modifies what is the latest in Oral Health.

Our Hygienist is specially trained and up to date on the latest protocols of Oral Health and you will be taken through the following steps to:

  • Discover your mouth… Are you ‘plaque-wise’
  • Recognise your present circumstances and hygiene level
  • Lift your game’ with our Hygienist’s training, and maintain the high level of home care on a day-to-day basis to prevent loss of oral health

If you use an electric toothbrush, please bring it with you to this visit so that our Hygienist can verify that you are using it correctly. he will also demonstrate the best method of use of a manual toothbrush and dental floss.

Your Third and subsequent visits

These visits are with the dentist who will be responsible for and establish the care you require. At this stage, you will re-visit the dental plan and your vision for yourself. Building trust and confidence is our goal and through it all, our main focus is

  • Preventing advancing dental disease or tooth loss causing you to suffer an emergency
  • Preventing cost escalation due to you being unaware of an ongoing condition in your mouth
  • Re-building your mouth using the highest levels of Cosmetic Dentistry

Whilst our practice is a Cosmetic Dental practice, we confirm that nothing can be built on soggy ground. Therefore, at Caring 4 Smiles®, we first establish a stable and healthy mouth as the corner stone of long term care.

You would therefore experience some of our high technology and evidence based results.

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‘Planning your care’ visit to our practice

At Caring 4 Smiles®, we undertake various levels of care, from establishing a Preventive Program for a mouth in excellent health to rebuilding worn and ageing Smiles. These plans are long-term commitments as extensive dental processes require full understanding and compliance. We like to sit with you and your family, to go through:

  • Records of your present dental circumstances – models, x rays, photographs, wax-ups, bite analysis established previously
  • Your expectations – what is in your mind as a final outcome?
  • The time frames and costs of the processes
  • Make special arrangements i.e. type of anaesthesia, payment options, finance arrangements, etc

Whenever we undertake a treatment plan, we invite you to a (no charge) special visit to our practice where you can discus your treatment plan. This visit will be in our specially appointed consultation room, and you are invited to bring along a spouse, partner, family member. Your dentist and our Practice Administrator will sit in at this visit and assist you through the process. This special appointment is usually lasts 30 – 40 minutes.
We will discuss and formalize your care at this visit.

Maintenance and follow up visits

Once we have completed the treatment phase of your care, you will have reached the maintenance phase. We want you to be disease free for the rest of your life and hence will advise you to set up a recall program for maintenance with our Hygienist and dental checks with our dentist. This protocol will be based on your individual needs and is usually at 3 to 6 monthly intervals.
We support patients in the permanent elimination of gum disease and dental decay by remaining vigilant for changes in general health and oral conditions whereby disease can quickly re-establish in a healthy mouth. Maintenance is the key to long term health.

Anytime ( non-dental ) visit

The Caring 4 Smiles® practice is where you and your family will always be welcome, even if you are not currently a patient at this practice. If you would like to drop in for a cup of tea or coffee, please feel most welcome to come in and visit. Do take this as a personal invitation from the Caring 4 Smiles® Team, to view our practice. When you arrive, please tell reception that you have come to view our facilities.
This practice has been dedicated to you. You are always welcome and we will be delighted to see you and show you our happy working office.