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Preventive Dental Care For Mature Age Adults

There is nothing more disastrous for a mature adult than the loss of some of your teeth. Your lifestyle is affected, and dietary changes can damage health.

Caring 4 Smiles focuses on identifying early warning signs of adverse changes in the mouths of mature adults. We identify early warning signs and work them to your advantage. Today, every adult is focussed on keeping natural teeth in a healthy state for life. Although teeth may weaken with time, modern dentistry offers a number of solutions to ensure that even mature patients can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

Caring 4 Smiles Support…

Our dentists provide support to rest homes in the Epsom area and has seen how ravaging dental problems can be when older individuals do not have a preventive plan. Caring 4 Smiles will work with you to ensure any dental issues you have can be addressed and a positive long-term outcome achieved. This will ensure you maintain the highest level of dental health well into later life. We encourage our patients to schedule regular Preventive Care appointments for themselves and their families. This will include a comprehensive examination with our dental team and a cover a detailed discussion about preventive care.