It is always the last straw that ‘breaks the camel’s back’, and with teeth, it is usually a piece of soft bread, a biscuit or a steak. Teeth have a natural groove pattern, but some are much deeper and sinister. Suddenly there is a ‘loud crack’ followed by extreme pain.

cracked tooth sideA Preventive Dentist recognizes these risky fissures and treats them early. In most cases, a patient will never know how much a simple procedure has saved them.

Recently, we had a patient with a ‘virgin mouth’, experience a sudden crack and it was all over for this tooth. Now, he was in for a tooth extraction, a gappy smile and then a dental implant. Till today, he felt he did not need to see a dentist, but in a ‘New York Minute, everything has changed’.

cracked tooth

If you grind your teeth, or have a deep bite, some crooked teeth or deep fissures, they can all result in a sudden and unexpected catastrophic tooth fracture and a very expensive Smile repair. May I invite you to have a comprehensive risk analysis dental examination with us, to prevent a crack tooth.  

A stitch in Time, saves a lot.  For a comprehensive dental examination contact 09-6315416 or book online.