All chewing teeth ( molars ), develop a fissures pattern that gets packed with sticky food. These fissures are a very high risk and must be monitored when the permanent teeth are erupting in the mouth. Doing nothing is like waiting for pain and a more expensive treatment. It is much better to have these deep groves protected early on and the child’s teeth are safe for decades.  To investigate children’s teeth, we use a Diagnodent laser to read into the tooth structure painlessly. These lasers detect decay activity much before the naked eye or even x-rays can detect the problem. Many teeth have tiny penetrating cavities that are making their way to the nerve. There is no way to know how deep they are. When a child is in pain, dental treatment is very difficult.

Amy came in for a routine check and we detected very high Diagnodent laser readings. Her mum was naturally alarmed and asked that it be treated immediately. Placing a protective filling in the deep grooves is the most effective way and the best gift to the child. When adult materials are used for the purpose, the coverings last for decades.

Fissure sealants are the child version of the procedure and in a few years sealants become worn and flaky. We therefore only use the adult material and this is a huge investment in the child’s future.

white fillings

Though the decay in both molars was extensive, timely fillings restored them to their natural beauty.

If you would like your dental costs to be minimal over the coming decades, Preventive Dental Treatment along with tracking your mouth will be the only option.  At Caring 4 Smiles, we closely monitor every tooth, and we invite new patients to fully experience the highest level of Preventive Dentistry by being under our care.

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